– not just for Forms!


I’m sure you’ve seen those funky URLs when you’ve shared a Google Form or used the Q&A feature in Slides.  But did you know that is a full-fledged URL shortener that you can leverage for your own needs?

It’s true… the URL shortener is available for anyone to use.  Simply go to, add your long, messy URL and get a shorter link.  If you log in, you can even see all the URLs you’ve used in the past.


So why use over some of the others such as or  Our NWOCA team has found that while many URL shorteners are blocked by filtering at the districts in which we work, generally the shortener works in most every case.  It’s used by many of the G Suite apps, and it will make your life easier.

What can you shorten with  How about that long Google Doc URL?  Maybe a link to a folder of resources in Drive?  The possibilities are endless… so give it a try!