Tips from Alice Keeler!


Our Instructional Services staff was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 ITIP Summit featuring Google for Education last week in Sandusky.  This two-day event provides teachers, tech coordinators and other educators with excellent educational technology information.  We all attended wonderful sessions and learned a lot of great info that will work its way into future trainings.

One of the highlights of the conference was being able to hear from keynote speaker Alice Keeler, who is a self-described mom, teacher, author, Google Certified Innovator, keynote speaker, and workshop presenter.  Alice has been called the Queen of Spreadsheets and notes that “the answer is always a spreadsheet!”  She has written three books, “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom,” Go Further with Google Classroom,” and “Teaching Math with Google Apps.”

In Google Forms, no need to use the sidebar to add questions:Alice also shared a variety of tips in her workshop sessions, and we’d like to bring a few of them to you in today’s TTT.

  • Control-Shift-Enter (Command-Shift-Enter on a Mac) inserts another question
  • Control-Shift-J (Command-Shift-J on a Mac) moves a question down
  • Control-Shift-K (Command-Shift-K on a Mac) moves a question up
For collaboration in Slides and Sheets:
  • Rather then sending a copy to every student, consider using one document for collaboration, having each student add a tab (Sheets) or slide for their own work.  That frees you up from open 30 documents.
  • Each slide or tab has its own unique URL so have students use the shortener extension to create a shortened link and turn that in.
  • Use the Question and Answer feature in slides to get instant class feedback
More stuff from Alice:
Alice has lots more great info on her website… including books she has written.  You can also follow her on twitter @alicekeeler.