Review your Google app permissions!


I just LOVE the Sign in with Google buttons that you find all over the web.

They are great because they use a protocol called OAUTH to securely log you in using your Google account. This means you don’t have to remember yet another username and password.

We get so used to clicking these buttons to log in to sites and that means we’re racking up a bunch of sites that have access to our Google accounts.

Today, I’m going to show you how to manage the connected apps and sites that you’ve authorized with your Google account. We can use this tip to review these apps and sites to see if we really use them and if we want them to have access to our Google account.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click your photo at the top right of any Google window, and select My Account.


  1. On the left side of the My Account window, click Connected apps & sites


  1. Then under the Apps connected to your account section, choose Manage apps.


  1. This will give you a list of apps and sites that have access to your account. To see what access a particular app or site has, click on it.


  1. You can click the Remove Access button to unlink that app or site from your account.


It’s a good practice to review your connected apps and sites periodically to ensure that you’re still using them. When I did my review, I had over 160 apps and sites connected! I was able to go through and remove access to those which I do not use any longer.

You can also use the same steps to review any saved passwords and clear those out too. Look for the Saved Passwords section.