Templates in Google Forms? Yes, please.


One of the best features of Google Forms is the ability to use templates to quickly create various types of forms. There are templates available for Education, Personal and Work.  To access the templates, you’ll want to connect to Google Forms through the http://forms.google.com URL.

Once you get there, you’ll see a few of the templates. To see all of them, you’ll need to click on the little arrow.

When you click the arrow, it may open a window of templates for your organization (which will probably be blank); just click on General to see all the templates. 

As you can see, there are a variety of useful topics. We’ll take a look at the Exit Ticket one under the Education topic.

You can use the questions that are there, change them, delete or add just like any other form.  When you’ve got it looking the way you like, go ahead and use whatever method to send it out (post in Google Classroom, email, etc.).

Here’s an example of a filled-out exit ticket for Fred Flintstone (this is what the student would see on their end):

Once the student submits the ticket, they’ll get a message like this:

The teacher will see that they have new responses. 

Clicking on the Responses tab will show you all the responses.  You can look at a summary (useful if you used multiple choice, true/false, etc.) with all answers and graphical representations.  Or, look at the individual responses.

That’s it! Can you see how this might be useful in your classroom?