Useful Google Classroom updates to start the school year!


Did you know that since Google Classroom launched three years ago, students have submitted more than 1 billion assignments? As the school year is quickly approaching, Google has announced 10 updates to Classroom and Forms designed to make teachers’ lives easier this school year.

Here are six of the updates that make us here at NWOCA most excited.

1. Single view of student work: To help teachers track individual student progress, Classroom now has a dedicated page for each student that shows all of their work in a class. More on this feature.

2. Reorder classes: Teachers (and students) can now order their classes to organize them however they want. Learn More.

3. Decimal grading: As teachers know, grading is often more complicated than a simple point value. So, educators can now use decimal points when grading assignments in Google Classroom.

4. Transfer class ownership: Things can change a lot over the summer, including who’s teaching which class. Now, admins and teachers can transfer ownership of Google Classroom classes to other teachers, without the need to recreate the class. More details.

5. New Classroom integrations: Apps that integrate with Classroom allow teachers to to easily share information between Classroom and other tools they love. Now Quizizz, Edcite, Kami and (coming soon) will officially integrate. More info.

6. Display class code: Joining Google Classroom classes is easier than ever thanks to this new update. Teachers can now display their class code in full screen so students can quickly join new classes.
Learn more about all 10 new features on Google’s blog.Hopefully, these Google Classroom and Forms updates help you teach more efficiently and effectively this school year!